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The American Melanoma Foundation is a voluntary health agency, registered as a 501(c)(3) charitable, non-profit organization. AMF is governed by a volunteer Board of Directors dedicated to serving the needs of patients and communities nationwide, and is a member of the National Council On Skin Cancer Prevention.
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Franny and Freddy Get Fried
is a cautionary tale about two kids who learn about the ill effects of sun exposure to their skin. Their skin cells, Eppie and Dermis, are ones that have to teach their human hosts what they know all too well. After Franny and Freddy arrive at the beach and start to fry, Eppie and Dermis send out pain vibes to convince the children to cover up, use sunscreen , and seek the shade.

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Yogi Bear and The American Melanoma Foundation team up for a creative and colorful Public Service Announcement.
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